Update: Closely followed by 0.5.4 to fix an embarassing brown paper bag bug:

  • Correct argument handling for system-status command

Get it from gitorious or http://www.hellion.org.uk/qcontrol/releases/0.5.4/.

I've just released qcontrol 0.5.3. Changes since the last release:

  • Reduce spaminess of temperature control (Debian bug #727150).
  • Support for enabling/disabling RTC on ts219 and ts41x. Patch from Michael Stapelberg (Debian bug #732768).
  • Support for Synology Diskstation and Rackstation NASes. Patch from Ben Peddell.
  • Return correct result from direct command invocation (Debian bug #617439).
  • Fix ts41x LCD detection.
  • Improved command line argument parsing.
  • Lots of internal refactoring and cleanups.

Get it from gitorious or http://www.hellion.org.uk/qcontrol/releases/0.5.3/.

The Debian package will be uploaded shortly.

hi! you have the opportunity to create a port for nas asus m25?
Comment by almirus Wed Apr 23 20:35:50 2014

I'm afraid not, since I don't have one, but I'm more than happy to receive patches.

(aside: I really need to setup notifications for comments on this blog, sorry for the delay replying)

Comment by ijc Sun Jul 6 11:15:04 2014